Having completed my TMS treatments last Wednesday I was certain I was on the road to recovery.  I had successfully finished and was discharged from the “Intensive Outpatient Program”that included Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation in my case. (Simply put, my insurance did not cover TMS so it was administered for free by my psychiatrist, and was entered as IOP as a way to “trick” my insurance company into at least paying for my time spent at the doctor’s office.) In addition to the TMS to treat my symptoms, I have also been prescribed nearly an entire cabinet full of medications, from Seroquel as an antipsychotic, to propanolol and hydroxyzine as beta blockers to help with anxiety, to Trintellix, Wellbutrin, and Rexulti as antidepressants. Rexulti is one of the newest meds on the market and is known to work wonders as a booster to a regular antidepressant (which is Trintellix for me).

Rexulti was added to my medication list after my sixth TMS treatment. It was supposed to “boost” me over the hump so I could get back on track sooner rather than later. I feel like the Rexulti, in conjunction with the TMS, literally saved my life.

Now, because Rexulti is new, it’s apparently expensive. Too expensive for the likes of my insurance company, so they refused to pay for it. I have taken all of the samples they gave me, and I am currently on day 4 of not having Rexulti. I must admit I am quite nervous the depression and anxiety will come back without it. But, unless my doc can get a large supply of samples, I’m just shit outta luck. Because mental illness….what is that? Is it even a real thing? I think it’s all in your head……

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