So I found a show to watch. More like, I was given a show to watch. Pretty much forced to watch the first episode by my best friend. But my God I am so glad she made me.

Never have I ever thought that a show could save someone’s life. (Except for The Oprah Show, and now more recently, The Ellen Show, because let’s face it, if you ever watched their shows it makes you want to be a better person. And if you’ve been on either show I’m sure your life is better than it was before because those women touch people’s lives for real.) This Is Us is different though. It is filmed in a way that makes the characters more relatable than any show I’ve seen before. (Except Roseanne.) It touches on real issues that happen in real life. Sure, I wonder how Randall and Beth got so rich, and how did Kevin make it anywhere in Hollywood because the odds are so slim, and what in tf does Kate do for a living to survive? But besides all of these obvious wonders, the show is about real life things and real life feelings. And it hooks you early, right from the start.

I started watching This Is Us halfway through the first season in 2016. I got episode 1 On Demand and binge watched the episodes leading up to the current one, so I would be ready when it came on Tuesday night. Allison convinced me to watch the first episode when I was on maternity leave that winter. I had just had Francie Jolene and I was suffering from debilitating postpartum depression (go figure!) so I just knew a TV show would not hold my interest. My focus was solely on my misery. But 10 minutes into episode one, I couldn’t take my eyes from the screen long enough to even be depressed. I became engulfed in the lives of Jack and Rebecca Pearson. While I breastfed, I caught up on all of the episodes I missed. I was able to almost escape from myself while I watched The Big Three grow up.

Cut to season 2. I didn’t start watching faithfully like I had planned, because I knew that I would definitely catch up at some point. After my extreme, severe anxiety hit me in November, I didn’t give two shits about Jack and Rebecca Pearson. I just wanted my life back. So for weeks, through therapy and medication and hospitalization, I tried to get my life back. When I got home from the hospital I finally started season 2. I did it begrudgingly though, because I thought for sure I wouldn’t be able to focus.

Once again, Jack and Rebecca Pearson saved my life. I was instantly taken into their world and distracted from my own misery, finally, even if it was just for a little while. Of course I cried every episode, but these tears were caused by somebody else’s sad life, not my own.  And I could instantly connect with Kate because my dad died too when I was an 18 year old girl.

I talk about the show to everyone and anyone that will listen. I tell people that it’s saved my life. But then I remember that Allison made me watch it. So really, Allison saved my life. Probably more times than I can count.

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